We are proud to associate with diverse and growing customer base. We enjoy relationships with organizations in the various segments of business arena.

We believe that a business relationship, be it providing technology service or business-driven consulting or analytics, must be based on measurable, market-driven objectives and return on investment for the client.

Our valued customers include corporate organizations, software development companies, telecommunications solution providers, engineering consultancy firms, event management groups, Individuals, SME, Large scale and many more.

We believe that in business relationships need nourishment and care. We help our IT-ITeS clients to take their businesses to the highest level. We put in concrete efforts to deliver high-quality IT system integration, maintenance management support for effective data storage, transaction processing and information management.


We provide complete range of systems integration services, help desk services, maintenance support, authenticated software licensing solutions. We also provide real-time IBM Blade Server environment to test their applications.


We have all systems support services to address the issues of lean and traditional manufacturing practices in Engineering and Manufacturing industries. We can provide authorized software licensing services to provide advanced software suites, solutions and applications for automating all their processes and operations.


Today in ever-changing business scenario, Media and Multimedia industries require more interactive and innovative environment. Thus, we enable high-end Internet Security, Mailing Solutions and advanced IT consolidation services. With our technology driven services, we enable to support their environments to innovate on their services and business models.


Using technology to fulfill Education industry pain-points is indeed a challenging task. Our major objective is to deliver high-quality systems support and maintenance services to their IT infrastructure. We ensure total safety to their automated working environments and provide technical support services to gear up and achieve all their goals.


At Notebook, we provide end-to-end hospital management automation infrastructure for cost-competitive and effective management. Our team support hospital management in storage consolidation, server consolidation and total system upkeep support services for better information control, transaction processing, data retrieval and effective information storage.


Notebook system management services are designed to create an efficient and adaptive support for Infrastructure business vertical. By combining services such as Capacity Planning with total system auditing support, we offer total systems related consulting on how to utilize their IT resources to improve their operational efficiency.


We provide advanced virtualization services to test pharmaceutical automation application in real-time environment. Through our state-of-the-art IBM Blade Server Competency Center, we provide authenticated operational environment for testing their applications. We also provide advanced enterprise and end user computing services.


Retailing is undergoing many major transformations today. Retailers need to run their IT systems more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. We provide total IT systems support to maintain their Point-of-Sale systems (POS) and datacenters. We also provide advanced mailing solutions for effective promotion of their services.


The fast-paced changes in the financial and securities services industry compel market leaders to look for business process enhancement and cost advantages, without losing focus on their core business operations. We provide end-to-end network integration and family management services to manage their trading environments.